About Me

Hi! I’m Alexa.

I’m a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism / Public Relations and a certificate in Sports Communication. I’ve lived in the Tar Heel state for almost 15 years and have grown very attached to the small-town-meets-large-university vibes.

I also embrace every opportunity to step outside of my Chapel Hill bubble to see the world and experience other ways of life. I’ve been passionate about travel ever since I can remember, and once I started earning a small salary in college through paid internships and jobs, I decided to save a portion of my paychecks each month to put toward trips. In 2015, I visited Europe three times and in 2016, I journeyed to South America twice. As for 2017, I’ve explored the Bahamas, Mexico and am currently roaming Europe for two months.

Aside from traveling, I’ve been a competitive runner since I was 12. Running is my rock. I was part of a powerhouse 7-time state championship cross country and track team in high school, and the sport has molded me into the woman I am today. My running career continued in college with the UNC Club Cross Country and Track team, and I’ve also completed four half marathons. Side note: three took place in San Francisco, where I learned to eat hills for breakfast.

I’m also a dedicated writer who firmly believes that journalism is not a dying industry; society has just changed its journalistic consumption habits. After four years of practicing and perfecting the art of research papers, press releases and news articles in college, I decided to get my creative juices flowing by starting a blog. I’ve rolled two of my biggest passions – travel and fitness – into one. I hope you enjoy 🙂

That’s me! // Cerro Pachón, Chile 2016

Fun Facts:

  • I was a picky eater for 19 years. I lived off bread, cheese, fruit and processed turkey. Now I eat jusssst about anything unless it has a head on it.
  • I’ve consumed less than five cups of coffee in my life. I have a lot of natural energy.
  • I’ve been to the last three Olympic Games. I’ll let you guess whether I went as a participant or an attendee.
  • I full-on peed myself during a state championship race in high school. Hydration is a key aspect of running, but so is taking a bathroom break right before a run.
  • I am a very passionate proponent for women’s rights. The future is female.